Meditations explained

I Have mainly channeled these meditations mainly through Arch Angel Michael.

it just came through to me in May 2018. I feel this Arch Angel doesn’t need

an introduction. There is information in relation to Arch Angel Michael readily available on the internet.

I have been working with GOD since October 2018 the universal GOD of consciousness and all information I have got in relation to clearing karma and chakras came through GOD. This information includes the information on the laws of Karma and the location of all the major portals throughout the planet.

The majority of these meditations were channelled in Ireland through Meditation Chambers of an acquaintance of mine who built the Third, Fifth and Seventh level chambers of consciousness. Arch Angel Michael is constantly residing in one of these chambers. (the seventh Level chamber of consciousness)

This person who built the chambers would rather keep his meditation chambers private so I have used the Third and Fifth level chambers of consciousness in Giza and I have used the chamber of consciousness in Antarctica which I believe is one of the most powerful chambers of consciousness in the world.

The third chamber of consciousness is too balance the male and female energy.

The first two meditations in relation to the Kings and Queens chambers are to balance the male and female energy in the human body.

These meditations can be used to clear a house a school a building basically imagine a house or a school has having a soul. I have given a guidance of the meditations in relation to a house or other building below.

The fifth level chamber of consciousness (12 chairs) is for general healing and I am lead to believe there are chambers like this in South America and in Bosnia Hergovnia and possibly other places as well that I am unaware off.

This chamber I believe is for general healing. Each chair represents a different aspect of healing. I have to yet find out which each chair represents but I believe the meditation I have channelled uses all 12 chairs so all aspects are covered.

The seventh level chamber of consciousness is for manifestation and it has no equivalent in Egypt. However, I have been using the chamber of consciousness in Antarctica and it does the same job as the chamber of manifestation (7 th Level) chamber in Ireland.

The reason I believe the Chamber of Consciousness in Antarctica is so powerful is that there is so little karma around the structure or the local area as well as the fact that it’s probably built on one of the major portals for planet earth.


As you can see some of the meditations involve the plural E.G family and friends these are more powerful healings for the whole community. (This is in another word document accompanying this one). There is one meditation where you invite a 1000 people connected to someone on a soul level this number can be 10 or 100. I use 1000 for maximum karma clearance. Once you invite the higher self of others into the healing you can clear karma at a far faster level. I use quartz a lot I was guided in one meditation to use Herkimer quartz particularly but as you can see I have been using other types of Quartz and diamond also. The reason some of the meditations use different metals and different structures is so someone can see the different possibilities in relation to healing.

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The words Visualise and particularly imagine are powerful words for the subconscious mind to use.

The 102 degrees is the temperature where a person is in a state of fever at this temperature, the body heals faster than normal and it’s a perfectly safe temperature to imagine when meditating.

The Vitruvian man is the state of total surrender and this can be face down to the earth or face up to the heavens.

Oxygen and hydrogen are used in the meditation as these are the building blocks for healing of the human body.

The words vibrate, frequency and resonance are used in one line as these are three very powerful words combined together. All the planet works of frequency and all life on planet earth is based on the Schumann Resonance. (Planet earth healing)

Of course these meditations can be modified to suit one self.

The reason these meditations are in red and cap locks is that this is the most efficient way of accessing the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind likes order and specifications so these meditations are specific in detail.

Some of the meditations Solution Harmony letting go in particular, I have taken some information from Joseph Murphy’s Book ‘The power of the subconscious mind’.

I have been given permission from Soluntra King from New Zealand in relation to using platinum in some of the meditations. (She guided me to the proper way to use Platinum in meditation)

In relation to these meditations I have learned that once I repeated these meditations about 10 times my subconscious mind knows the meditation. Once that happens I say for example activate ‘MEDITATION HARMONY’ or whatever meditation I want to use.

Something I have learned through clearing Karma in relation to other people is that the majority of the time it works for example I have witnessed people who haven’t spoke for years suddenly back on speaking terms. However, there are situations where all the Karma clearance in the world won’t work these situations just play themselves out over time between these people but more times than not the meditation helps others build more harmonious relationships. These meditations I am talking about are the plural ones particularly the ones that dissolve karma.

Meditation planet earth healing

I use a frequency of 7.83 hz in my meditation this is the Shumann resonance most beneficial for healthy life on earth. I use a frequency 432 hz in my meditation on earth as this is the most beneficial frequency for the healing of planet earth. This is the frequency that was used by quite a number of the classical musicians in previous centuries.

I use frequency 234 hz in the meditation as this is the frequency of the heaven’s above.

I am aware that a healing on the solfeggio frequencies would be beneficial but I haven’t got around to constructing one yet.

Metals for healing.

Titanium is a very powerful healing tool as is Platinum. Titanium generally comes down for the heavens and Platinum comes up from the earth. The planet earth is based on a diamond structure when you put diamond in meditation it cuts through karma quite efficiently.

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As you will be aware if you try the meditations the Golden bear hug uses Gold as it’s a softer meditation for healing. Hugging is one of the most powerful forms of healing.


One of the gifts I have been given is I can look anywhere in the world and find a portal. I can clear this portal from Ireland. I call them portals as this is most convenient it may not be technically correct. There are vortexes and other energy points I won’t go into the details but basically there are energy points where blockages have occurred in the past and once their clear the area around changes and the consciousness of that area expands. The most powerful meditations I have listed are the ones inviting other people into the meditation. If these are done around a blocked portal they relieve the pressure. They may have to be done a couple of times and over a time period. It’s easier to clear a portal when you are on the ground. It’s more difficult when its distant healing but it still works. From my experience it just takes more time to clear a blocked portal through distant healing. I have listed a mediation below to clear portals this takes a bit of time but is quite effective. I have been using this for months now and it works it may take a number of goes to relieve the pressure on the Portal but the great thing about this meditation is that you don’t have to be physically at the portal for clearing. When I started clearing portals last year I was physically present at the portal and although the healing was more effective you can understand I was limited to clearing portals in Ireland. This meditation gave me the freedom to clear portals outside of Ireland.


Karma can be paid off in different ways. Karma can come in many forms wither that be ancestral lines or thought past lives. Some of your karma can be paid by someone else

Or you can pay of someone else’s karma. Karma comes in different forms like illnesses

and suffering. The most Karma payment is through sacrifice whither that be pain or suffering or helping someone out.

Karma works for individuals, families’ communities, countries and the finally the whole planet.

For example, if a country can’t pay of its karma depts for some reason the universe will send in natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or wars. This is slightly complex area that I am still trying to understand.

Karma comes in different forms E.G past wars. Wars are usually where most karma resides. These create bitterness for centuries. Most Karma is created through humiliation of one human over another or one country over another as you can see one country winning a war against another creates quite a bit of karma. Most of the battles in the past have mainly been fought at the position of major portals around the planet. What you will generally find is that once a battle is won (particularly in the Western Hemisphere) there are obelisks erected in memory of the victors for example the Wellington Monument in Dublin, Ireland. This is a major masculine energy line. Another one is Nelsons Pillar in London. These are all over the world, you will most likely find them in a major town or city. Now the main feminine energy point is usually somewhere close by. The main feminine energy point for Dublin Ireland is

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the garden of remembrance for World War 1. Once healings are done at these places and these portals or vortices are opened humanity can ascend faster.


I am a civil engineer by profession and I have been learning recently the connection between Civil Engineering and Portals. Some of the major portals around planet earth are beside major civil engineering projects.

One of the best examples of this is Falkirk in Scotland this is the main Feminine Portal for Scotland and possibly Western Europe. I would urge anybody reading this to check Falkirk on the internet. Major portals are around railway crossings, dams, bus terminals generally where people congregate in large numbers.

Obviously hospitals are another area particularly maternity hospitals and physcitary hospitals.

I have been laid to study dams recently particularly on the Nile and in Asia. A dam has multiple purposes but if a dam is used for preventing one country from access to water over another you can only imagine the karma that creates.

Most people can see daily the karma created in relation to oil, well water and the relationship between dams and the movement of water is critical to clear for the expansion of consciousness for human kind.


E.g. Ireland one of the main portals in Ireland is Portadown and it has a lot of history of conflict. The battle of the Diamonds occurred there. The major portal blockage I have guided to so far is in the USA is Richmond, Virginia. This portal is mainly associated with the Civil war in the USA.

Another major portal lies on Mount Graham, Arizona.

There are 8 major portals in the southern Hemisphere that are lava lakes. I have the eight listed below.

Ambrym and Mount Yasur in Vanuatu

Erta ale in Ethiopia

Nyiaragongo in the congo

Kilaue in Hawaii

Villarcia in Chile

Mount Erebus In Antaractica

Mount Michael in Antaractica

Now Mount Michael in Antaractic is an Immensely powerful one of the most powerful portals on planet earth.

The reason I have listed these is that as far as I am aware they are not listed as major portals anywhere on the internet and in particular the two portals in Vanuata.

The reason these two are of interest to me is that Vanuata is where some of the major earthquakes over the last number of years have taken place.

One of the most interesting portals in Western Europe is Rathcroghan in County Roscommon Ireland.

This is the home of the High Kings of Ireland and one of the most interesting stones in the world Daithis stone resides there.

I have been told by friends of mine that this stone has to be healed in the future and this in turn will effect Ireland in a positive way. I believe singing and dancing around the stone and playing music are some of the healing procedures required.

Halloween came from Rathcroghan and a large amount of Irish myths and legends. It is also the home of Queen Maeve and St Ciaran the man who Founded Clonmacnoise.

Published by cathalkilcline

Hello, my name is Cathal Kilcline.I have suffered from manic depression since 2004. In 2013 I got help from a group of people from New Zealand which helped me in clearing my chakras Which helped with my Manic Depression. In May 2018 I went to a friend of mine whom had built 3 chambers of consciousness the third, the fifth and the seventh level chambers of consciousness. The great Pyramid of Giza is the fifth level of consciousness and the seventh level is the next level of consciousness up from the fifth. Through Arch Angel Michael I channeled these meditations through all three chambers Once I started using the three chambers my Manic Depression is virtually gone and I am only using them just over a year. I had already a lot of healing done before this. The reason I am using the two pyramids in Giza and the pyramid of consciousness in Antaratcica is my friend in Ireland would like to remain private about his Pyrmaids. Arch Angel Michael instructed me to use the Pyramids in Giza and the chamber of consciousness in Antatctica which I believe to be the most powerful Pyramid of consciousness I am aware of on the planet at the moment. I have got great peace while using this chamber and I use it every day a couple Of times if I have a problem. There are 18 pages of meditations altogether, there is a guide which is four pages long explaining how the meditations work. I channeled the meditations from May 2018 till approximately Christmas 2018 I was refining the meditation each time. I would suggest starting off with the singular meditations so that you can adjust to the frequency of the meditations. Once you have adjusted to the singular meditations you might get such things as flu like symptoms or have a tendency to drink water. This is clearing of the chakras so your become stronger. I would suggest If you decide to do the plural meditations start with 10 people, then you can raise the vibration up to 100 or higher depending on how you feel. I have been clearing my chakras since 2013, however a Polish friend of mine only started clearing her chakras in June 2018 and she is doing really well by doing these meditations. I am also going to put all the meditations onto audio, so instead of saying them you can listen to them also. I would encourage anyone interested in doing these meditations to either listen to the audios I have made or else start their own audio. These meditations have had a huge impact on my life they have given me way more energy and they have also cleared all my chakras. Anyone reading this that is aware of the higher self. I am been told by Arch Angel Michael That these meditations are almost a FastTrack into coming total into the higher self and merging with the divine consciousness. They have given me a lot better health since doing them and the plural meditations have benefited my family and friends also. I have also done a lot of distant healing in countries where there were major blockages. Lastly and not least by any means positive intention, compassion and humility are more important than been totally in the higher self.

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