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Hello, my name is Cathal Kilcline.I have suffered from manic depression since 2004. In 2013 I got help from a group of people from New Zealand which helped me in clearing my chakras Which helped with my Manic Depression. In May 2018 I went to a friend of mine whom had built 3 chambers of consciousness the third, the fifth and the seventh level chambers of consciousness. The great Pyramid of Giza is the fifth level of consciousness and the seventh level is the next level of consciousness up from the fifth. Through Arch Angel Michael I channeled these meditations through all three chambers Once I started using the three chambers my Manic Depression is virtually gone and I am only using them just over a year. I had already a lot of healing done before this. The reason I am using the two pyramids in Giza and the pyramid of consciousness in Antaratcica is my friend in Ireland would like to remain private about his Pyrmaids. Arch Angel Michael instructed me to use the Pyramids in Giza and the chamber of consciousness in Antatctica which I believe to be the most powerful Pyramid of consciousness I am aware of on the planet at the moment. I have got great peace while using this chamber and I use it every day a couple Of times if I have a problem. There are 18 pages of meditations altogether, there is a guide which is four pages long explaining how the meditations work. I channeled the meditations from May 2018 till approximately Christmas 2018 I was refining the meditation each time. I would suggest starting off with the singular meditations so that you can adjust to the frequency of the meditations. Once you have adjusted to the singular meditations you might get such things as flu like symptoms or have a tendency to drink water. This is clearing of the chakras so your become stronger. I would suggest If you decide to do the plural meditations start with 10 people, then you can raise the vibration up to 100 or higher depending on how you feel. I have been clearing my chakras since 2013, however a Polish friend of mine only started clearing her chakras in June 2018 and she is doing really well by doing these meditations. I am also going to put all the meditations onto audio, so instead of saying them you can listen to them also. I would encourage anyone interested in doing these meditations to either listen to the audios I have made or else start their own audio. These meditations have had a huge impact on my life they have given me way more energy and they have also cleared all my chakras. Anyone reading this that is aware of the higher self. I am been told by Arch Angel Michael That these meditations are almost a FastTrack into coming total into the higher self and merging with the divine consciousness. They have given me a lot better health since doing them and the plural meditations have benefited my family and friends also. I have also done a lot of distant healing in countries where there were major blockages. Lastly and not least by any means positive intention, compassion and humility are more important than been totally in the higher self.

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